The Organic Plastic-Free Skincare Range that is Changing Skin [Interview]

The Organic Plastic-Free Skincare Range that is Changing Skin [Interview]


The brand that is changing skin and so much more – An interview with Lisa Vogues.

How fulfilling is following your dreams and pursuing your passions? Only a handful of us can truly say. Lisa Voges is one of them, helping others to live happier lives while making positive changes in the South African beauty industry. As the founder of LovisaLife, a skincare range made from all-natural, organic, cruelty-free ingredients, Lisa is standing by her belief that nature is the answer to our health and beauty needs. I had the opportunity to gain insight into the brand by interviewing Lisa, who shared her knowledge and passion behind organic skincare and why we should all be paying more attention to the movement.


1. Lisa, how do you feel about the “green movement”; what does it mean in the way we’re living our everyday life?

Going green nowadays is vital and every little bit helps. I think we have become so consumed by the trappings of a modern lifestyle and together with technology, have forgotten about the basics of living. Furthermore, I feel it important to encourage our children and make them aware of how certain products and materials are damaging our earth.


2. How does LovisaLife support the green movement ideology?


LovisaLife is all about going green and fully supports the initiative. Because we are an organic skincare range, we are acutely aware of the carbon footprints we leave behind. At LovisaLife we don’t use any artificial ingredients in our products and neither use any chemicals – all ours come from nature.  We also encourage the recycling of glass, as we use dark glass bottles for our products, as opposed to plastic containers or tubes.  The dark glass also acts as a natural preservative. Additionally, we are proud of our Facial Rounds, which are in essence reusable cotton wool swabs.  LovisaLife Facial Rounds comprise of soft fabric squares that, once one has removed one’s make-up, are put into one’s washing basket to then be washed and reused. Our Facial Rounds are presented in a repackaged toilet roll – yes, you heard correctly, a toilet-roll, so the product is all recyclable. Finally, the proceeds from our Facial Rounds are donated to a chosen charity each month. Every little bit helps.


3. What constitutes the motivation behind your brand?


I’m fortunate to have been in the beauty industry for over 21 years and, after working with skins and different cosmetic brands and seeing what goes into some products and still not getting the results I was expecting, I started looking for the “wow” factor. After much research and knowing that only 0.001% of one’s products penetrate – this is because the outer layer of our skin is oil-based – I asked myself why are we using water-based creams? And, as we all know, water and oil do not mix. Some of the more expensive cosmetic brands have the molecules “adjusted” or “encapsulated” to penetrate this outer layer, but this process involves chemicals. I try my best to lead a healthy lifestyle, so this led me to look back to nature and that’s how LovisaLife started. LovisaLife is unique because it is a high-grade oil-based product, which means it won’t clog one’s pores. We call our Serums (Moisturizers) a “3-in-1”, because it is your day, night and eye moisturizer all in one bottle. Additionally, I wanted it to be an easy, no fuss but an effective brand. I don’t want ladies to have hundreds of bottles in their bathroom, I see no point of having them all as they are both wasteful and time-consuming. Skincare should be about simplicity and effectiveness, without chemicals!


4. How and where do you manufacture your products?


LovisaLife started in my kitchen, experimenting two years ago. We are now manufacturing in the friendly city and my home town Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in a combined office and laboratory. Our raw materials are all purchased locally, from local organic health shops or farmers and we hope to ship over to Australia in the near future.

5. We see you’ve opted for glass bottles, why glass over other alternatives?


The glass bottles act as a natural preservative for the oils as we don’t use any preservatives or chemicals in our products. The glass can also be recycled and because we are organic, we do not do plastic. 


6. How can organic products bring real skin results?


Organic products bring results to skin care because oil is working with oil, facilitating deeper and quicker absorption without any chemical side-effects. You need to go for a brand, like our, that uses pure Essential Oils. An interesting fact is that Essential Oils were our first “antibiotics” and that they and antibiotic creams are the only products that can penetrate the bloodstream via the skin – hence our incredible results. 


7. What’s your top skincare tip?


My tip is to stick to the basics – a healthy mind and body play a big role in healthy skin. We often get distracted with the latest intense treatments when it’s right in front of us, nature. 


8. Which ingredients should we avoid and why?


My advice to the consumer is to always look at the ingredients listed in your products and stay away from highly scented products that aren’t organic, as these will most likely be artificial perfumes which can lead to pigmentation.  If you don’t recognize the ingredients listed at the back of your product, then how is your skin going to recognize it? Our skin is amazing and it’s our biggest organ, with its main role to product our bodies.  When we apply harsh products or ingredients our skin thinks it needs to protect us. By protecting the body, it will react in various ways such as producing excess melanin, which leads to pigmentation, broken veins, rashes, sun spots, etc.  


9. How are you furthering your sustainability contribution to society?


By making the public aware that one can get results and look younger, healthier with an organic product. That simplicity is best, do we need all the fancy boxes and containers that some other products come in?  My lifestyle of trying to go green and teaching my children to not waste, to reuse and recycle where possible. Again, every little bit helps. launched. Watch this space for our household product expansion, coming to the market, soon.


An insightful look at the benefits of organic skincare, and the gorgeous brand that is LovisaLife. These products are currently manufactured and distributed in South Africa. We’ll be the first to let you know when they go International!


I do believe it’s time for a skincare audit. Yeow, are you with me!?




Inspire, love and create change.


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