The Alarming Truth About your Skincare and Beauty Products

The Alarming Truth About your Skincare and Beauty Products

Embracing the green movement has brought a beaming light upon product ingredients and formulas; from home cleaning products to moisturizers. If we’re carefully considering what we’re putting into our bodies, should we not be doing the same for what is going onto it?

The Alarming Truth

The average woman uses 12-15 products per day, which means exposure to around 150+ unique and potentially harmful chemicals that all interact with each other in unknown ways. Bet you hadn’t thought about it that way, huh?


Using toxic products has an accumulative effect, making it more challenging for your body to heal and repair itself.  Allergic reactions and sensitivities are continuously increasing because of this.


Some chemicals found in skincare are also known to be found in brake fluid, engine degreasers and anti-freeze. Gasp! You read that correctly, yes. We know you want to improve the appearance of your skin, and industry is pushing in their advertising campaigns, the latest technologies – details of which you probably don’t understand, yet sound advanced and appealing, so you go for them without thinking twice, right?

Another concern is the scary and unbeknown term, fragrance. Fragrance is generally a blanket term commonly used for whatever secret ingredients companies want to add to their product lines without having to disclose them to the public. The problem with this is that, DEP (Diethyl Phthalates) are solvents used to extend the aromatic effect.


These phthalates are known as hormone disrupters and can be linked to certain health risks. 

According to an assessment from the NICNAS (National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme) conducted by the Australian Health Department, DEP was found to have adverse effects on fertility parameters and included developmental abnormalities. Yikes!

So, here’s the drill

Let’s get real, we have no clue what we’re using, do we? I’ve tried it all, and I have found the best results with organic and plant-derived products. Not kidding!

The latest and greatest labels might also cost you the earth, because of the attached potentially empty promises of results. Not to mention the animal testing that has to take place to ensure the chemical compounds are working with one another. Don’t cecum to letting animals suffer for our vanity.


It’s time to stop compromising on your health and start this quick and easy skincare audit today:


Ask yourself:



Do you know and understand all the ingredients listed on the back of your or tub? If not, how is your skin going to recognize them!? Simply and quickly look them up! Here’s an app I highly recommend, which will give you a warning indicator and the full low down: 



Do you care if your products are being tested on animals? Did you know that approximately 200 000 animals suffer and die for the beauty and cosmetics industry, each year, including guinea pigs, hamsters, and other small rodents? If the label doesn’t show a certification of the known cruelty-free badges, just avoid them. You could also consciously look into, how the products are sourced, produced and packaged.



Think about the reason behind why you are choosing what you have. What value add is it bringing to you and the environment? Remember that plants work with people, not against them. The chemical compound of natural and organic products can actually penetrate the skin on a cellular level thus, often affectively combating stubborn dehydration, ageing or epidermal pigmentation, better. 



For more insight into organic skincare, check out the recent interview we did with Lisa, founder of LovisaLife Organic Skincare Range. There are also super insightful facts related specifically to deodorants and shampoo, you need to know.


Mainstream beauty tells us what we want to hear and shows us what we want to see. We need to dig deeper. We need to be more vigilant, conscious consumers, voting with our wallets. What will you be voting for? 


Inspire, love and create change.


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