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Handcrafted goods are made in a traditional or non- merchandised way in small batches or are made to order.

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Goods and products contain cruelty-free ingredients – ingredients which have not been tested on animals. Events, attractions or activities do not exploit animals.

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Extracting and using renewable resources and responsible harvesting. Products physically conserve the environment. Goods are seasonally produced or companies are actively taking steps to better the environment.

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Environmentally Friendly

Products, packaging and activities do not pose harm, threat or exploit nature or the environment. Products or services are free of plastic, toxins or are carbon-neutral.

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Free of any and all animal-derived products and ingredients relating to food, goods and services.

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Garments and products are ethically sourced and crafted. Products are manufactured in fair and safe conditions.

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Organic products, resources or foods are produced or grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides.

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Socially Responsible

Businesses that contribute a percentage of profits to a cause or not-for profit organization and or may consistently assist the community in a positive manner.

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Products have been upcycled or can be recycled or composted. Encourages zero-waste and the redesign of resource lifecycles and diversions from land-fill.

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Not-for Profit

An organization dedicated to furthering a social or environmental cause or advocating for a shared point of view.

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