About One Green Dream

 One Green Dream brings individuals, families and teachers the tools they need to educate for and achieve imperfect self-sustainability.

Our goal

is to promote mindful and intentional every day actions as a means to bring about positive change.

Our mission

is to inspire and educate for a better tomorrow by reducing and combating waste, ill-health & climate contributors.

Our platform

is a go-to resource for the environmentally-conscious; a hub for learning, reliable and informative information and solutions. 

It’s a time to learn with our hearts, educate with our actions, and vote with our wallets.

We’re here to help you, the eco-conscious consumer, and learner, do just that.

From One Green Dream’s guides and articles, to its resourceful online directory, you’ll find the all the answers and practical tools you need.

We’ve made it effortless to discover and support the brands and programs that encompass your deeply-rooted morals and beliefs, and who are working hard to bring us all, a better tomorrow.

The businesses and events featured in One Green Directory have been appraised and listed so you can shop your values.

Ready. Set. Get Inspired.

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Meet The Founder

Bernita Teixeira here, your waste busting, ocean loving eco-warrior based in Melbourne, Australia. I’m not only an eco-lifestyle advocate, I am also a passionate early years educator, teaching individuals and children about the worlds marvels, and the solutions and paradign shifts required for a sustainable world.

My Bachelors Degree in business management allowed me to move comfortably through various roles and industries, yet nothing I pursued undisputedly resonated the purpose I was so longing for. It was only after moving abroad for some time, did I finally apprehend what truly set my soul on fire –educating others.

If my passion was in giving children the best possible start to their lives, why would I not pay attention to what the future would look like for them. This aha-moment was the very beginning of my own eco-journey.

Sustainable living is not just a buzz word, or a fad, it’s an authentic, intentional way of life. Growing up in an impoverished country and travelling to multiple destinations around the globe – seeing the impactful repercussions of human consumption and covetousness, had been devastatingly eye-opening and compounded my desire for conscious change. 2018 was a tipping point – I knew that I had to pursue drastic transformation

I blundered along in an overwhelming sense of despair. Where to start was as easy as shooting a ball through a netball hoop from the circle line on the first try. If you’ve seen me on the court it’s definitely not scoring goals, so you can understand that I was pretty wretched. And so came about the need for a one-stop-all-resource-hub. In 2019 the idea of One Green Dream was spawned.

This venture is an open-ended one with hopes of one green dream; inspiring education for sustainability and influencing others to make better lifestyle choices, too. We’re in a state of emergency, one where we don’t need just one person doing sustainability perfectly, we need millions doing it imperfectly

On your journey, may you too, discover a simplier, happier, and more mindful way of living. May this platform help you reduce your footprint, discover new skills, eat real food, save money, all while making a difference. And may your children be the ones to lead us toward a sustainable tomorrow.

I look forward to living more intentionally, and less impactfully, with you. Thanks for being here, and see you around soon.

Inspire. Love. Create Change.

P.S. I’d love for you to introduce yourself

Bernita Teixeira

- Green dreamer

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